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H - Humanity & Happiness & Honesty

We insist our humanity attitude to our staffs.

We work and hold together to make and enjoy happiness every day.

We show our sincere honesty to our clients and fulfill our commitment.

All people of HC are sincere, serious and hard working.

Every client of HC will get a comprehensive solution and enjoy profit.

HC will help you to realize any small and big idea you want!

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C - Craftsmanship & Credit & Constancy

We pursue the spirit of the craftsmanship consistently.

We live by quality and develop by credit.

We has the constancy of the our original dream---the little boy’s rocket dream.

We are the leader in one stop metal CNC machining and in manufacturing service solution.

Brand Story

Once a little boy asked his father innocently: ’Dad, what did you do?’

Dad said: I made the rocket!’

The little boy said excitedly: ’Wow, so coolDad, I want to make rocket like you when I grow up.’


Years later, the little boy grew up. Although he did not dedicate into the rocket business field, the little boy entered into CNC machining industry. The rocket dream has always guided him on the way. He leads HC team to strive to break through innovation, simplify the machining procedures and improve efficiency to supply the premium quality products to clients.

The man is Li Xueyi, the founder of our HC.


In 1994

The average machining efficiency of aluminum shock absorbers in the motorcycle market was only 2 hours per piece.

       And Mr. Li broke through innovation. Through bespoke tools,customized mechanical tooling, and optimal machining solutions, the  machining efficiency was improved obviously from 2 hours per piece to 2 minutes per piece and cost is reduced dramatically from $6 per piece to $0.3 per piece. So amazing and unbelievable. Besides, the quality of the final product was also better than the originals. End products could match with nice mirror finish while the originals did not.

      Production was more stable. This new machining solution was revolutionary and even change the whole machining industry productivity efficiency. HC is well-known in the machining industry. Now this machining process has been widely used in the industry. 


In 1998

 HC imported 2 more cutting edge CNC machines. With innovative craftsmanship, HC began to take off and fulfilled the annual turnover of about $5,000,000 at that year.

 In 2010

 As the popular saying goes that’ Good wine needs no bush’, KTK Group came HC, after strict certification, selected HC as one of the qualifiedvendor for control hydraulic components projectof the Japanese bullet with order values of $3,000,000. HC also completed and  delivered the order efficiently and effectively and passed all the required harsh test.


In 2015

An American company (a confidentiality agreement involved) tried to find partners for their new product. They searched Chinese suppliers in Tianjin, Shandong, Guangdong and other places throughout the whole country, and found no results. Finally, they found HC through the introduction by industry professionals. At first, US engineers planned to wait for 2 months to get the sample. In the end, HC technical team completed the sample within 5 days and passed all the technical tests.


In the future

HC will devote ourselves into machining business field, pursue the spirit of the craftsmanship consistently and never forget why we started. The little boy’s original rocket dream will be just like a beacon lighting up the way and guiding us. HC will gonna sail out and lead the international industrial trend transforming Chinese manufacturing from “Made in China” to “ Quality in China” and “ Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

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